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Friday 29 April 2022, by La graine

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Many thanks for all contributions to this site! Proofreading, networking, communications, resource sharing, translations...



Thanks to Compostri for proofreading the content of this site and for providing their expertise on various points.
Since 2007, the Compostri project has aimed to develop shared composting, as well as the promotion of composting in general and more particularly in urban areas.
The association promotes the implementation of shared composting projects and accompanies the inhabitants of Nantes M├ętropole, France, in this approach at the level of a district, building, group of buildings, nursery and primary schools.
Youtube channel


Thanks to Adele for proofreading.



Evocation of Patrice Hardouin to make a downloadable exhibition.


Thanks to Philippe for proofreading and networking.

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