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mardi 3 mai 2022, par La graine

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Royalty-free and open source videos gathered from internet. Download, reuse, modify, share under free or open licenses.

Youtube videos are licensed under Creative Common Attribution (CC BY).

Composting (Part 1-Basic principles)

By Ben (De la graine à l’humus) (Source file)

Pallet compost bins

By JoeSimple

Springtail video

By Editions Eléana


By Micropolis la vie secrète des villes

How To Make A DIY Worm Tower

By GreenShortz DIY

How To Make A DIY 2-Bucket Worm Composter For FREE

By GreenShortz DIY

How To Make A DIY Soldier Fly Larvae Composting Bin

By GreenShortz DIY

Composting Humanure

By Eco-Sense Living

A Beginner’s Guide to Composting

By Rob Greenfield

The Closed-Loop Community Compost Program !

By Rob Greenfield

At-Home Food Waste Composting for Resource Recovery

By UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment

Large scale Bokashi Composting at 1 hectare garden Ommuurde Tuin

By Solidarity Payment, CSA and agroecology

Composting For A Clean Environment

By PublicResourceOrg

Crazy for Composting

By argylealternative

3.5 Co-composting

By Introduction to Faecal Sludge Management

5.6 Innovations in vermi and fly larvae composting

By Introduction to Faecal Sludge Management

What and Why of Composting | Start Composting NOW | Part 1

By Conserve Environment With PratimaPandey

How of Composting | Start Composting Now | Part 2 | Home composting methods

By Conserve Environment With PratimaPandey

Skull Composting | From the Ground Up

By UWyoExtension

Backyard composting - English

By Ramsey County

Garbage Disposal vs Composting

By Smart Life

Composting Episode 1

By Transition Town Vincent

Composting Episode 2 : Composting Methods

By Transition Town Vincent

Fort Report : Composting in Your Backyard

By Fort Worth City Hall

Eco-Reps Advanced Video : Urban Composting Program

By University of Louisville EcoReps Program

How I Make 600 Pounds of Compost with my Worm Farm (from garden scraps) !

By Hey It’s a Good Life

Ultimate Compost Setup

By LittleVeggiePatchCo

Chicken manure system

By peasants nz

Backyard Composting Basics Webinar

By Marion County Environmental Services


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