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lundi 2 mai 2022, par La graine

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How to unlock financial means for the purchase of a collective composter ? Participation, reuse, grant, memberships, savings...

There are several ways to finance this type of project, you can use one or more.
The grant application option may take longer than the other options.


For the 60-household composter plan (which is quite large) provided later, the cost is around €900 to €1300 (depending on the type of wood and other materials).
In self-financing and self-construction, this amount is around €20 per household.


It is possible, among other things, to reuse some wood. This must be at least class 3 (made for outdoors).

If we collect wood, here is some useful info.


It is possible to apply for a subsidy or support for the construction by your municipality or other institution (Depending on who oversees waste management).
One argument can be the savings made following the « waste avoided tonnage », i.e. the annual tons managed by the composter and no longer by your municipality or other institution.
The costs for the managers can be found in « about ».
Obviously, although important for funders, the economic aspect is not everything ! Also talking about the social and environmental aspect is essential.


Having a membership system, even low (€5 per year) allows participants to be committed. In addition, it can cover the cost of tools, basic repairs or why not part of the training costs with a master composter or a collective composting structure !

Savings made

Depending on the costs associated with waste management and the methods used, you can save money by managing your « waste » in this way.


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